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Vitality Fitness and Wellness Coaches Mississauga

We would like to encourage healthier and happier lifestyle choices through:






Our proven inspirational coaching techniques such as:

– Mindfulness Programs
– Functional Fitness Programs
– Standard First Aid C.P.R./ AED Certification Programs
– Nutritional Coaching
– Food for Fuel Programs

Ensure our participants get the most out of their daily active lifestyle choices.

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Self Awareness Assault Prevention Programs. Keeping out of harms way…

VitFit Wellness Coaches:

Wellness is considered to be an active process of becoming aware of and learning to make choices (healthy choices) that lead toward a longer and more happy, peaceful and vital life choices. This includes not just absence of disease but a feeling of joy contentment and well being accumulated through unity of mind body and spiritual practice and a integrated happy lifestyle choices.


As Wellness Coaches, our mission is to empower individuals with proven facts that Health and Wellness are both subconscious & conscious decisions (more subconscious influences than most of us realize).

Therefore a balanced approach combining awareness of mind body and spirit is essential.

Ultimately it is a self-directed and a dynamic evolving process to becoming self aware enough to make wiser unlimited choices (possibilities). Naturally expanding toward a more harmonious & balanced approach for a healthier and happier more fulfilling life.
Providing each client with a variety of tools to naturally mange daily stress.


The reason that most people do not succeed in their personal fitness goals are numerous, however most people do not realize that they may be sometimes their worst enemy. Now, what do we mean by that ? The subconscious mind is working far more actively in our decisions in daily life than most of us realize, therefore we help you to help yourself. Bringing awareness of these patterns into your conscious mind and providing you with alternative complimentary pattern to help you succeed is what we do best. Our programs have been developed to also inspire the “new” and inexperienced clients with just the right degree of challenge via FUN programs that build confidence as well as emotional and physical well being to reach their goals and sustain them permanently.

We incorporate a variety of programs to encourage our clients to experience the deeper benefits of wellness, through engagement of the whole person approach, and a more unified mind body spirit connection in their daily choices and activities in life.


The most important part of our vision is customized personal fitness coaching and lifestyle modifications that cares for the individual unique goals based on the abilities of each client. We achieve this by motivating, inspiring and coaching our clients, family and friends into realization that WELLNESS is a chance to enhance the unlimited potential in vitality, personal fitness and HAPPINESS for us all.

Be Fit. Be Happy. Stay Healthy!!!

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